Enabling people to live better lives with integrative natural health care.

We believe traditional natural medicine and modern scientific discipline go hand-in-hand, and that evidence-based natural health care should be available to all people as an integral part of a person-first healthcare system.

Why Natural Integrative Health Care?

We’re in the midst of a self-care revolution as people return to the natural medicinal products and practices that were once trusted by their ancestors. At Netura, we embrace the ancient natural medicines and integrate them into the Western healthcare system.

We care about improving the health of all people, we do this by providing high-quality, naturally-sourced complementary medicines that have been through rigorous, evidence based testing. We believe the Netura approach will enable our customers and their healthcare providers to make informed choices about their natural health care options.

Scientifically formulated products with clinically proven ingredients to deliver real outcomes.

Carefully sourced from reputable growers for sustainable every-day self-care.

“Quality by Design” approach to solve real health care problems with quality natural solutions.


Our Brands

Better Nature

Better Nature Pain Relief products offer a broad-action topical musculoskeletal pain relief in a modern, scientific formulation to meet the needs of Health Professionals and consumers needing relief.

itchy baby co.

Itchy baby co. products offer a topical skincare eczema relief and sun protection range designed to maintain and restore healthy skin barriers and help soothe itchy, dry skin conditions in babies and children.

Our Values

Expert Insight

In a quest to develop exceptional brands and products for better self-care, our team is led by curiosity, extensive experience, and a commitment to collaborate with the best and brightest minds outside Netura.


By understanding what matters to people, combined with vigorous research and development practices, we create scientifically-formulated products for everyday wellness.


Our naturally-sourced ingredients ensure our products are of the highest quality and a main contributor to serving a purposeful outcome for complementary self-care solutions.

Our Leadership Team

Tony Dale

Tony has a 35-year business career across a wide industry base. Up to the early 1990’s Tony held corporate marketing roles within the banking and brewing industries, was a stockbroking research analyst and a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Maud Eijkenboom

Maud is a pharma, biotech executive and board member with 20 years multinational, listed, private and start-up company experience. Maud is passionate about high quality, evidenced based, natural medicine integrated into a balanced healthcare system.

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