10 basic questions to ask before purchasing natural medicines

Ask these 10 questions to tell if you can trust the quality of your natural medicine.

10 basic questions to ask before purchasing natural medicines

Walking into a natural health store can be daunting. There are so many products that require a deep knowledge of herbology, it makes it difficult for the average person to choose the right products. How do you know which natural medicines are safe and which are not? How can you tell what works, what doesn’t and what might do more harm than good?

What is integrative medicine?

“Integrative” healthcare is a new approach to bring modern conventional and complementary (natural) approaches together in a coordinated way. Integrative medicine reconfirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, and is informed by evidence.  

Integrative medicine makes use of all appropriate therapeutic and lifestyle approaches, healthcare professionals, and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing. For natural, herbal complementary medicine to function in an integrative healthcare approach, it needs to be evidence-based and meet high quality standards, with an ability to work together with conventional practices.

Why does integrative health care matter?

The importance of integrative healthcare has been recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its member states as a way to lower the cost of healthcare, prevent disease and, most importantly, maintain good health and quality of life.

WHO encourages countries to embrace complementary medicine as long as the medicine is safe and evidence-based. WHO and regulatory authorities around the globe set out guidelines any reputable natural medicine manufacturer should follow in regards to manufacturing, labelling and making appropriate therapeutic claims.

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10 basic questions to ask before purchasing natural medicines

Before you make a decision about what types of products to use, it’s worthwhile understanding what signifies quality in a natural medicine. You should expect to find affordable, high-quality products with completely transparent labelling. Here are 10 questions to ask before your purchase:

  1. Does the product have an AUST L number on the front label? This shows the TGA (Australia’s therapeutic goods regulatory body) has given market approval for the product and the claims it’s making.
  2. Is the product suitable for the condition you’re experiencing?
  3. Has the product been manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)?
  4. Is the label clearly legible, does it provide warnings, and clear instructions for use?
  5. Can you easily contact the company with complaints or questions?
  6. Does the label list ALL ingredients, so that you can check for potential allergens?
  7. If the product claims to be natural, are ALL ingredients natural or only a few?
  8. Does the product have information about proper storage and expiry dates?
  9. Is there an official quality standard for the product?
  10. What kind of media coverage has there been for the particular brand and product you’re considering purchasing?

How Netura ensures consumers receive high-quality products

Netura focuses on delivering naturally-sourced complementary medicines that are clearly labelled so it’s easy for consumers to understand what they’re getting, as well as how and why they would use it. Our products are grounded in traditional plant wisdom and provide a solution for a clearly defined, but unmet medical need or condition.

Here’s the best part. Because Netura products are based in evidence, they complement the conventional healthcare system. Our team regularly talks to healthcare professionals to ensure our products can be integrated into a balanced treatment plan. The end result, we believe, is better care for you.

Netura develops evidence-based, natural medicines, using a “quality by design” approach. If you have questions about any Netura product –please contact us.

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