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Netura is a fast growing FMCG company specialised in the development and sales of evidence-based
naturally-sourced consumer healthcare solutions in key markets globally.

Our passion for natural, evidence-based healthcare fuels our battery” – Maud, Head of Product Development.

Netura’s vision is for affordable, high quality, traditional and natural medicine to be available to all people as an integral part of a well-functioning, people centric health system that balances curative services with preventative and complementary self-care.

We see ourselves as partners to all players in the ecosystems we touch, looking for win-win outcomes.

In the business ecosystem we partner with customers, distributors, growers, manufacturers, investors, service providers and fellow FMCG companies.

In the innovation ecosystem we work with growers, university researchers, lived experience founders, tech incubators and large FMCG companies;

In the healthcare environment we see our products as “complementary” to be used, for example, in support of curative treatments, chronic disease management or provide preventative tools that empower our customers to take charge of their own health.

We speak the language of single innovators as well as the pharmaceutical and medical world, and provide a bridge between the two. Further, we partner with the natural world, living in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, Western Australia.

And lastly, we partner with our customers, in a deep way – we don’t sell products, we provide solutions, which means that we keep on listening to our customers and innovating to meet their needs.

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