Itchy baby co.

For itchy, dry & irritated skin.

Itchy baby co. products provide all the benefits of targeted eczema treatments, but contain only natural ingredients that are gentle and scientifically proven to soothe and relieve skin.

Itchy baby co. is more than a product; it’s a community. The impact that eczema has on a child and their family is often difficult – but itchy baby co. is here to help bring families together experiencing similar conditions.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m so happy I came across this product ages ago. I had my doubts as my son suffers from Mild eczema, he was constantly scratching at night and during summer. We used massive amounts of steroid creams and different baby lotions that didn’t seem to help. But after purchasing this product it’s been a massive help not only for myself but for my son who now sleeps wonderfully at night.

— Rachel

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve brought and used every cream on the market including prescription ones from our doctor and nothing worked for my poor 3 year old. She suffers eczema all up her arms, neck and legs. Constantly itches and is painful to watch. Until we started using your eczema cream and bath soak, I saw results within 3 days of using it and has finally cleared up. We use it as our daily routine now to keep on top of it. Thank you so much. Just ordered more and expecting it within next few days. Amazing!

— Jennifer

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