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About Netura

Netura is a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company specialised in the development of evidence-based, naturally-sourced consumer health care solutions in key markets globally. We are located in one of 6 global hotspots of biodiversity.

Evidenced-based, complementary
self-care medicine.

Netura’s vision is for affordable, high quality natural medicine to be available to all people as an integral part of a well-functioning, people centric healthcare system that balances curative services with preventative complementary self-care.

By partnering with industry experts and suppliers, Netura has built a circular ecosystem ensuring our products are of the highest quality and backed by evidence-based research. We are located in a global hotspot for biodiversity with amazing natural ingredients of high quality and purity.

Maud Eijkenboom

A message from our Head of Product Development…
We should not have to choose between natural medicine or conventional medicine – Medicine is medicine, all that matters is whether it works and fits the purpose. We figure out whether a medicine works or not through science. Science is not against nature, it is a method that helps us understand nature. Nature is integral to our health.

Our Brands

Better Nature

Better Nature Pain Relief products offer a broad-action topical musculoskeletal pain relief in a modern, scientific formulation to meet the needs of Health Professionals and consumers needing relief.

itchy baby co.

Itchy baby co. products offer a topical skincare eczema relief and sun protection range designed to maintain and restore healthy skin barriers and help soothe itchy, dry skin conditions in babies and children.

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